Calibration of measuring instruments and standards

Verification of measuring instruments

Control of precious metal articles

Measuring Instruments Type Approval

Official time of the Metrology Institute

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Here you can follow notices in public procurement procedures that are initiated in accordance with the Law on Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement („Sl.list CG“ , broj 42/11 i 57/14) , which shall apply from 4 May 2015 .

Public procurements plan


This Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards and the rules of conduct of civil servants and employees in the state bodies of Montenegro

Code of ethics 

The Metrology Institute of Montenegro gives special attention to the public and openness of its work. An important segment of the public work principle is the availability of information.

Article 51 of the Constitution of Montenegro stipulates that everyone has the right to access information in the shipment of state authorities and organizations that exercise public authority. This right is achieved by submitting an application for access to information, to which it is responsible in accordance with the Law on Free Access to Information. REQUESTS FOR FAI

FAI Guide 2016.  (.pdf)
FAI Guide 2017. (.pdf)
FAI Guide 2018. (.pdf)

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“Do uvođenja Metričkog sistema, u Crnoj Gori su se kao jedinice za masu koristili oka, vagan, tovar, bagaš, vreća, dram, osmanik.”

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