Large Mass laboratory performs activities related to:

  • ensuring metrological traceability in the large mass area in Montenegro through the transfer of mass unit from the national standard to secondary and working standards for mass;
  • calibrations of weights of F2, M1 and M2 accuracy class;
  • calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments;
  • participation in inter-laboratory comparisons;
  • verification of weights of F2, M1 i M2 accuracy classes.

National Standard

The national standard is represented by the sets of weights E1 accuracy class from 1 mg to 20 kg, i.e. standards of the finest metrological characteristics, in Montenegro, which serve as a basis for determining the value of all the other standards of measuring unit for mass.

Calibration of Standards and Mass Measuring Instruments

Unaccredited area:

  • calibration of F2, M1 i M2 accuracy class weights of nominal mass 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg and 500 kg;
  • calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments up to 100 000 kg on-site, in accordance with EURAMET cg-18: Guidelines on the Calibration of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments v.4.0 (11/2015).

Verification of the Measuring Instruments

Large Mass Laboratory for carries out an examination of mass measuring instruments in order to determine compliance with the prescribed metrological requirements with the aim of verification of mass measuring instruments: accuracy class F2, M1 and M2 weights from 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg and 500kg.

Type Approval of Measuring Instruments

Large Mas Laboratory performs activities with the aim of ensuring measuring traceability in the field of mass in Montenegro, in the range from 50 kg to 500 kg. Calibration of lower accuracy class weights is conducted with the equipment of the Laboratory for Mass, where using the direct comparison method the mass unit is transferred to the weights of lower accuracy class, through which mass unit is transferred to the users in Montenegro.


Head of the laboratory:
Tamara Bošković – Begenišić, dipl. biolog.
tel: +382 20 601 360
+382 20 601 361
fax: +382 20 634 651

Deputy Head of laboratory:
Budimir Vidaković, Spec. App.
tel: +382 20 601 360
+382 20 601 361
fax: +382 20 634 651