Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC) are the best measurement capabilities that a national metrology institute can manifest in its daily work, when providing services to users under normal working conditions. All measurement and calibration capabilities must be supported in the range and demonstrated measurement uncertainty by the full implementation of the quality management system approved by the Technical Committee for Quality of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET TC-Quality). Calibration certificates issued with the CIPM MRA logo confirm the competence of the laboratories through the demonstrated CMC and are recognized as such worldwide.

The Bureau of Metrology has a total of 32 CMCs: 18 in the area of temperature and one in the area of relative humidity, five in the area of volume, four for length and two CMCs for each of the areas of pressure and time and frequency.

The basic requirement for publication of new best calibration and measurement capabilities in the BIPM database is successful participation in interlaboratory comparisons.