Department of Metrological traceability and national standards is in charge of:

  • realization, conservation, and maintenance of the national standards; development and improvement of the metrological components of the national standards and ensuring their participation in the international activities;
  • ensuring metrological traceability;
  • establishment of the national system of metrological units regulated by the Law on metrology;
  • calibration of the national standards;
  • review of the working standards and other measuring equipment;
  • establishing the national time scale, distribution and time distribution control;
  • carrying out the metrological expertise;
  • the examination of type of measuring instruments;
  • reference materials that are used to achieve traceability in the field of metrology in chemistry and other fields of metrology;
  • giving an expert opinion for the authorization of persons who are to carry out activities in the field of metrology;
  • participation in all the crucial and international inter-laboratory comparisons;
  • organizing and implementing inter-laboratory comparisons in the field of metrology;
  • cooperation with scientific institutions for the purpose of metrology development;
  • preparation of the professional foundation for drafting the regulations in the field of metrology;
  • drafting the studies, elaborates, analyzes, and research-development projects in metrology;
  • providing an expert opinion regarding metrology related questions.

Laboratories within the Sector of Metrological traceability and national standards are:

  • Laboratory for mass
  • Laboratory for pressure
  • Laboratory for length
  • Laboratory for small volumes
  • Laboratory for large volumes
  • Laboratory for electrical quantities
  • Laboratory for temperature
  • Laboratory for electical power
  • Laboratory for time and frequency


Managing Director Assistant:

Goran Vukoslavović
tel: +382 20 601 360
+382 20 601 361
fax: +382 20 634 651