In 2019, the Bureau of Metrology became the first public administration institution to test its work in accordance with the requirements of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) methodology, with the support of the Regional School of Public Administration (RESPA) and the Center for Public Administration Research (KDZ Austria).

The aims of the implementation of the CAF system in institutions are: to establish professionalism in public administration, to apply the principle of total quality management (TQM) in public administration, to be progressively aiming towards a complete „plan-do-check-act“ cycle, to facilitate self-assessment in public institutions in order to identify the improvement activities and facilitate learning based on comparison with reference values (“bench learning”) among public sector institutions.

Main elements of implementation of the CAF system are:

  • Adaptation of the CAF questionnaire to the individual needs of the organization;
  • Self-assessment team training;
  • Constant monitoring of the entire CAF process;
  • CAF self-assessment workshop;
  • Consolidated report on self-assessment workshop with improvement actions;
  • Making of CAF Action Plan;
  • CAF Knowledge base.

Within the CAF system, a “self-assessment team” was established in the Bureau of Metrology, composed of the representatives of all categories of employees, including the senior management staff. Based on the self-assessment report, the list of proposed improvement actions was analyzed, and the “Quick Wins” list of actions was made. The main activity of the CAF methodology referred to creating the Bureau of Metrology’s action plan for implementation of CAF activities. It was also planned for the defined activities to be implemented in the next two years, with the purpose of improving the work of the Bureau.

CAF program manager

Naina Čuturić-Knežević, Spec. Sci
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