Tasks of the Department for the ensuring  of metrological traceability include:

  • establishing and maintaining metrological traceability in Montenegro (national measurement system);
  • maintaining the measurement traceability of state standards;
  • ensuring the traceability of standards used in verification of measuring instruments;
  • providing metrological traceability for calibration laboratories (standardisation), testing and control laboratories;
  • testing of reference materials used to achieve traceability in the area of metrology in chemistry and other fields of measurement;
  • developing the methods for transfer of SI units;
  • participating in the implementation of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) scale;
  • developing, establishing, implementing and improving the methods for time distribution;
  • time distributing and distribution control;
  • conducting administrative proceedings;
  • conducting metrological expertise;
  • preparing the professional bases for drafting the regulations in the area of metrology;
  • providing expert opinion for authorising the entities to carry out tasks in the area of metrology;
  • participating in innovative development projects;
  • performing activities related to the recognition and validation of calibration and measurement options under the CIPM MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement);
  • participating in activities related to the work of regional metrological organisations in the area of metrology;
  • preparing the training and development plans for staff so as to ensure competence;
  • participating in the preparation of technical specifications for procurements of state standards calibration service;
  • participation in the preparation of technical specifications for procurements of laboratory equipment;
  • implementing, monitoring, analysing and developing information and communication tools with the aim of improving business processes;
  • ensuring electronic availability of data and information to stakeholders;
  • carrying out tasks related to the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems;
  • providing expert opinion and expert assistance in the area of metrology.


Head of the Section:

Miloš Mujović, BSc in
tel: +382 20 601 360
+382 20 601 361
fax: +382 20 634 651
e-mail: milos.mujovic@metrologija.gov.me