Unit of the month: KILOGRAM


Unit of the month: KILOGRAM 20 May 2019 Mass is a quantity that has been inseparably bound to humanity for thousands of years. The need to trade goods is a fundamental part of any civilization, and the methods to do so are constantly developing. Our first records of using measurement standards in trade come from a few thousand years BC, in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians employed stones to check the weight of goods, later stones were replaced by standards casted from bronze. Amazingly, until yesterday we did something very similar. The International Mass Standard was also [...]

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Unit of the month: MOLE


Unit of the month: MOLE 602 214 076 000 000 000 000 000, or approximately 602 trillion, has 24 digits. As unimaginably large as this number may seem to us, we encounter trillions of things constantly in everyday life! In a standard balloon, for example, there are about 50 trillion air molecules (that means about 39 trillion nitrogen molecules, 10 trillion oxygen molecules and half a trillion argon atoms). A standard painkiller contains around 1.7 trillion molecules of the active ingredient – for example acetylsalicylic acid. One litre of mineral water contains about 1 trillion sodium atoms. As you can see, large quantities appear [...]

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