Tasks of the Section for measuring instruments intended for use in trade and check of pre-packed products include conduct of administrative proceedings related to verification of measuring instruments which, based on a specific regulation, are subject to obligatory verification and/or type approval, which are used in trade of goods and services, check of pre-packed products, as well as tasks in the area pertaining to:

  • provision of expert opinion and professional assistance;
  • determination of the fulfilment of conditions for granting authorisations for carrying out tasks in the area of metrology;
  • maintenance of database of verified measuring instruments;
  • preparation of professional bases for drafting the regulations in the area of metrology;
  • preparation of studies, papers and analyses in the area of metrology;
  • participation in the preparation of technical specifications for procurements;
  • cooperation with service users in order to meet their requirements;
  • review of applications, offers and contracts;
  • making sure that internal documents are implemented;
  • making sure that regulations and international standards in place are implemented;
  • carrying out tasks related to the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems.


Head of the Section:

Milan Perović, Spec. App.
tel: +382 20 601 360
+382 20 601 361
fax: +382 20 634 651
e-mail:  milan.perovic@metrologija.gov.me