Service for General Affairs and Finance carries out the following tasks:

  • Preparing individual acts on the realization of labor rights of the employees;
  • Carrying out procedures regarding reassignment of civil servants and state employees;
  • Keeping records on performance assessment and advancement of civil servants and state employees;
  • Keeping records on the conducted disciplinary proceedings;
  • Implementing compensation procedures and keeping records of these activities;
  • Carrying out procedures according to the requests of civil servants and state employees on the basis of their labor rights;
  • Carrying out the procedure for registration/ deregistration of civil servants and state employees with the competent authorities with regard to their entering into or termination of employment;
  • Preparing and delivering statistical and other data upon the request of competent authorities;
  • Issuing certificates and other legal documents on the basis of labor rights of civil servants and state employees;
  • Keeping personal records;
  • Maintaining and updating Human Resource Information Systems;
  • Preparing responses to complaints, appeals and other briefs for courts in labor disputes;
  • Cooperation with the Human Resources Management Authority aimed at preparation of professional training for civil servants and state employees;
  • Drafting legal documents of the Bureau;
  • Preparing and implementing the Integrity Plan and measures for preventing and eliminating possibilities for occurrence and development of corruption;
  • Managing administrative procedure upon the requests for free access to information;
  • Acting in accordance with regulations related to safety at work;
  • Cooperation with non-governmental organizations;
  • Carrying out activities with regard to gender equality;
  • Preparation of acts for calculation of salaries, compensations and other remunerations of civil servants and state employees;
  • Participating in determining fees for services and competences of the Bureau;
  • Preparing payments for pro-forma invoices;
  • Drafting the financial plan;
  • Purposeful use of funds allocated by the budget and financial plan;
  • Keeping financial books and records;
  • Preparing and processing requests for payment via SAP system;
  • Drafting periodical calculations and financial statements;
  • Treasury operations;
  • Purchase of office supplies and other equipment;
  • Procurement of office and other equipment;
  • Preparing public procurement plans and its submission to the competent authorities;
  • Preparing report on public procurement, conducting public procurement procedure and keeping records on public procurement;
  • Reconciliation of the bookkeeping state with the actual state of assets and liabilities;
  • Internal audit;
  • Planning and preparation of the budget, establishing and maintaining a system of records in accordance with the international accounting standards;
  • Cooperation with relevant national and international organizations;
  • Integration with the unique e-Government portal (and all other subplatforms), implementation of regulations on electronic government;
  • Maintaining good relations and improving relations with the public and raising the overall business effects;
  • Mail reception;
  • Receipt and record of requests for acting in the organizational units of the Bureau, related to the type approval of measuring instruments, calibration of measuring instruments and standards, verification of measuring instruments, testing and hallmarking of precious metal articles, receipt and registration of requests for determining the sign of the importer/manufacturer of precious metal articles;
  • Receiving and recording requests for provision of expert grounds;
  • Commissioning of the necessary documents for the approval of the type of measuring instruments, calibration of measuring instruments and standards, certification of measuring instruments and measurement standards, verification of measuring instruments, testing and hallmarking of precious metal articles;
  • Registering subjects into a unique electronic database;
  • Recording documents of non-administrative character into the registry;
  • Delivery of documents through internal delivery books;
  • Dispatching mail;
  • Keeping shipping fee registry;
  • Deregistering documents in the registry;
  • Archiving subjects;
  • Preservation of the archived documents;
  • Maintenance of archive book;
  • Permanent withdrawal of archive material;
  • Handling and preservation of seals and stamps;
  • Photocopying material;
  • Scanning materials for entry into electronic database;
  • Printing, duplication and distribution of materials;
  • Commissioning of materials and official documents;
  • Keeping records and library documentation;
  • Processing of library materials;
  • Preservation and protection of library materials;
  • Revision of library fund;
  • Provision of accessibility and use of library materials and other material-financial and organizational-legal affairs;
  • Performing other activities in accordance with regulations.


Head of Service:

Zdenka Popović, Economist
Phone: +382 20 601 360
+382 20 601 361
fax: +382 20 634 651