Dear Sir/Madam,

For the period from 15 to 31 July 2020, which is until the measures for prevention of spreading and transmission of the novel Coronavirus cease, you can submit your applications:

  • Directly at the office, every work day, from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm;
  • Via e-mail;
  • Via fax;
  • Via eGovernment portal of Montenegro;
  • Via mail.

The application is submitted on a form, where instructions on necessary information, documentation, attachments and administrative fees can be found.

Application forms are available at the web page, at the Bureau’s office, and at the eGovernment portal.

The application shall be supported by evidence on administrative fee paid in the amount of €2,00, to giro account number 832-3161012-75 of the Bureau of Metrology, pursuant to the Law on Administrative Fees (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 18/19).

Fees to cover the proceedings costs, depending on the type of activity, are prescribed by the Decree on amount and manner of payment of fees in the field of metrology (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 73/10) , and are paid to giro account 832-975-85.


+ 382 20 601 360
+ 382 20 601 361
+ 382 67 084 931 – Milena Jovicevic


+ 382 20 634 651
+ 382 20 634 652