With an aim to improve the quality of its services, the Bureau of Metrology has established a Laboratory for Verification of Breath Analyzers, i.e. instruments for determining the quantity of alcohol in body.

The new laboratory of the Bureau of Metrology is currently performing periodic validity checks (verification) of approximately 190 breath analyzers owned by the Police Administration. Verification of breath analyzers will assure the accuracy of results read, which contributes to a more reliable control of traffic participants.

Verification of breath analyzers is crucial for safety, since it enables accurate and precise data during traffic controls performed by the Police Administration. Verification implies the process of determining whether or not the instruments are in accordance with the metrological requirements and legal procedures, and it involves examination and hallmarking of breath analyzers.

Breath analyzers, colloquially known as alcotesters, are devices which show the mass alcohol concentration in the breath of the tested persons within the prescribed limits. Pursuant to the “Decree on legal measuring instruments that are subject to mandatory verification or type approval”, breath analyzers are verified once a year, unless the manufacturer of these devices requires testing of their metrological properties each six months.

In addition to the field of traffic control, breath analyzers are also used for asset protection, environment, natural resources, safety and protection at work and accident prevention. Consequently, many companies from Montenegro submit their breath analyzers for verification to the Bureau of Metrology, such as: 13. jul – Plantaže, Montenegro Airlines, Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System, Aluminum Plant Podgorica, Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro and Railway Transport of Montenegro, Crnagoraput, Protection Service of the Capital City of Podgorica, “H.G. Montenegro stars” – Montenegro Bečići Hotel, „Čistoća“ ltd from Pljevlja, “OKI CO” ltd from Danilovgrad, AD PORT OF ADRIA Luka Bar, DAIDO METAL  from Kotor, MESSER TEHNOGAS from Petrovac, Communal Services ltd, „MONTECARGO“ JSC, and „URION“ ltd from Podgorica.

In order to improve traffic safety, the Bureau of Metrology has been performing verification of traffic speed measuring instruments for moving vehicles for five years already.

With an aim to improve its services and comply with the regulations in the field of health protection and general safety, the Bureau of Metrology also established the Laboratory for Ionizing Radiation. Visits by the Accreditation Body of Montenegro and Croatian Accreditation Agency are planned in December, in order to assess the competence of the Bureau of Metrology for performing calibration of the devices for measurement of radon concentration in air. Accurate and reliable radon concentration measurements require adequate and calibrated devices, especially considering that by decomposing in air, radon emits radioactive particles. Laboratory for Ionizing Radiation was established with the project titled „Upgrading the National System for Radon Protection“.