Students from the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies (FDES), Nela Čađenović and Nikola Martinović, started their two-month training at the Bureau of Metrology.

Within the training, the students will have the opportunity to acquire broad practical knowledge, which together with the theoretical knowledge obtained at the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies, enables their better positioning in the labor market.

During the training, Nela and Nikola will be acquainted with the regulations that apply as part of the performance of activities within the competence of the Bureau of Metrology. In addition, they will be able to see how the office management operates in the Bureau, as well as to understand the importance of implementing the quality management system in processing clients’ requests.

They will also have the opportunity to register requests and supporting documents in the the Bureau’s clerk’s office and to get acquainted with the method of archiving the first-instance administrative procedure cases.

The students will also attend the process of testing and hallmarking of precious metal items, as well as the procedure of verification of legal measuring instruments.

The students’ training in the Bureau will last until July 2019.