As part of the „Open Days of Science 2018“, the Bureau of Metrology is organizing a knowledge quiz for sixth grade students from elementary schools.

The quiz named „Why are measurements important?“ will be organized on 10 October 2018 at 3pm on the premises of the elementary school „21. Maj“ in Podgorica.

The quiz will feature 27 participants from nine elementary schools: „Maksim Gorki”, „21. maj”, „Štampar Makarije”, „Vlado Milić”, „Savo Pejanović”,  „Sutjeska” and “Vladimir Nazor” from Podgorica, as well as the students from „Orjenski bataljon” from Bijela and „Braća Labudović” from Nikšić.

The quiz will be organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Science. The three best-ranking teams will win valuable awards including bicycles, tablet computers, wireless headphones.

The goal of the quiz is to additionally acquaint elementary school students with key concepts of math and natural and social sciences, as well to provide the students with an opportunity to further expand their knowledge in this field. In addition, a group of questions in this quiz will be related to metrology as well, emphasizing the importance of measurements in everyday life.

Metrology, the science of accurate and precise measurement, uses and includes definition of basic units of measurement (kilogram, meter, second, ampere, kelvin, candela and mole) that the students learn about in elementary school. One of the main reasons for organizing the quiz is the ongoing campaign by the international metrology community aimed at marking one of the most significant changes to the International System of Units (SI) since its establishment, which is expected in November 2018. After the revision, the International System of Units will be based on the definitions related to the laws of physics, instead of on material artefacts. In the redefined International System of Units, kilogram, ampere, kelvin and mole will be redefined in terms of constants. The other three base units – meter, second and candela have already been defined based on the constants and their definitions will remain unchanged.

Bearing in mind the big change to the International System of Units, organizing a knowledge quiz for elementary school students is just another in the range of activities aimed at raising awareness of the system of units and introducing the public to the forthcoming changes in the field of science.

By organizing a knowledge quiz titled „Why are measurements important?“, the Bureau of Metrology wants to foster cooperation with educational institutions through the promotion of science in a manner that is appealing and interesting to children.

The Bureau of Metrology’s laboratories have been visited by 950 students from 15 elementary and 6 high schools all over Montenegro, as part of the „Open Days“ event.