Independent Advisers Tatjana Raičević and Ljiljana Lubarda and Assistant Director Zoran Ćetković held training in the field of precious metal articles for the representatives of Customs Administration of Montenegro. The training was held on 18 December 2019 at the Customs Training Center.

During the training, the Customs Administration officers were presented with regulations in the mentioned field, responsibilities of the Bureau of Metrology, forms and appearance of national hallmarks, as well as the marks of manufacturer and importers of precious metal articles.

The main part of the training was aimed at presenting methods by which customs officers can be certain whether or not they are dealing with a precious metal article during the performance of their tasks.

Overall, the conclusion from the workshop was that the representatives of the Customs Administration of Montenegro and the Bureau of Metrology are committed to strengthening further cooperation and exchanging the necessary information in order to improve the system of control of precious metal articles.