Students from the Vocational Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering „Ivan Uskoković“ from Podgorica visited the Bureau of Metrology on 9 November 2018.

The students were presented with the forthcoming redefinition of the International System of Units (SI). The General Conference of Weights and Measures (CGPM) will be held on 16 November 2018 in Versailles, France. The resolution on the redefinition of the International System of Units (SI) is expected to be approved at this meeting of the CGPM. The kilogram, the ampere, the kelvin and the mole will be redefined in terms of the fixed value of the constants of nature. The result will be a simpler and more fundamental definition of the entire SI and dispenses with the last of the unit definitions based on a material artefact – the International Prototype Kilogram.

The employees from the Bureau of Metrology have also presented the main activities of the national calibration laboratories in the field of metrology of mass, length, temperature, pressure, volume, as well as time and frequency.

A total of 20 students from the study program Road Traffic visited the Bureau of Metrology.