We live in times of huge economic crises and unstable monetary currencies, where gold offers a guarantee of value since it has an actual value and can be used for trade anywhere in the world.

Nowadays, the traditional utility of gold as the basis of a currency or a current asset is not recognized anymore. In spite of this fact, banks still hold their gold reserves. Although the total quantity of gold reserves is significantly decreasing, around 40% of world gold reserves are being kept in the vaults of central banks. The main market of gold today is the area of jewelry production, with the consumption of as much as two thousand tons of gold per year.

Jewelry, decorations and other articles are made of „precious metals“ and they are: gold, platinum, palladium and silver or their alloys, with an aim to improve the mechanical properties of metals they are alloyed with. Each precious metal article placed on the market is subject to mandatory examination and hallmarking in official premises of the Bureau of Metrology. Examination of precious metal articles (a.k.a. assaying) is used to determine the degree of fineness and existence of the prescribed marks, whereas the process of hallmarking confirms their functionality.


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