Within the EURAMET-WELMEC Focus Group on Facilitating National Metrology Infrastructure Development, a training on conducting inter-laboratory comparison in the field of TC-T temperature was held in Turkey 18 and 19 March 2015.

The training was organized as a theoretical foundation to inter-laboratory comparisons EURAMET 135 (Inter-Laboratory Comparison of Triple Point of Water) and EURAMET 1358 (Calibration of Thermocouple by Comparison in the Temperature Range from 0°C to 1100°C) that are going to be realized during 2015. Pilot laboratory for both projects is TUBITAK UME.

It was organized by TIKA, and the project was planned within EURAMET-WELMEC working group for joint comparison projects for Balkan countries.
Laboratory for temperature will participate in this projects in the period from March 25 until April 25 2015 year (EURAMET 1358), and in the period from June 1 until July 1 2015 (EURAMET 1357).