As part of the project “Support for transposition of MiFID II Directive and Regulation 2017/574”, training on the requirements for the implementation of the new legislation on the level of accuracy and synchronization of business clocks was organized at the Bureau of Metrology on October 15, 2019.

The training was attended by Alina Musić, Independent Advisor from the Laboratory for Time and Frequency.

Team leader on the project Konstantinos Athanasiadis, PhD, spoke about basic concepts in the field of time and frequency metrology as well as the historical development of time measurement. He also presented the basic procedures of time and frequency measurement, methods of calibration, as well as procedures of calculation of measurement uncertainty and errors in the mentioned measurements.

During the second part of the training, Konstantinos Athanasiadis, PhD, used the example of the Laboratory for the Time and Frequency of the Greek metrology institute (EIM), to present the requirements that a laboratory must meet and the equipment it should possess to realize the distribution of time.

Guidance on synchronization was also presented, containing detailed information on the requirements to conduct time synchronization and distribution.