From 6 to 15 May 2019, the Bureau of Metrology will organize “Open Days” for elementary and high school students.

During this period, the laboratories of the Bureau of Metrology have been scheduled for visits of more than 600 students from 16 elementary and seven high schools from Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Cetinje, Budva, Ulcinj, Bar, Nikšić, Pljevlja and Bijelo Polje.

The students visiting the Bureau of Metrology will be presented with the National Measurement Standards and they will attend simple measurement procedures in national calibration laboratories in the field of metrology of mass, pressure, length, electrical quantities, temperature, volume, time and frequency.

The “Open Days” are organized within the celebration of the World Metrology Day, which is marked on May 20 in more than 80 countries.

This year’s World Metrology Day is marked under the theme „The SI – Fundamentally better“.

The theme was chosen based on the decision that the General Conference on Weights and Measures adopted on 16 November 2018 to confirm one of the biggest changes to the International System of Units (SI) since its foundation. In the altered International System of Units, the kilogram, the ampere, the kelvin and the mole will be redefined in terms of constants. The mentioned changes will enter into force of 20 May 2019, on the day of marking the World Metrology Day. The International System of Units will, accordingly, be based on the definitions linked to the laws of physics, which enables it to support further development of technology and the science of measurement.

On this occasion, on 20 May 2019, the Bureau of Metrology will also organize and award ceremony for the 12 best teams of elementary and high schools which took part in the competition the “Beauty of Crystals”. The competition took place from 19 December 2018 to 19 April 2019 and it involved for 82 teams from 17 elementary and 10 high schools from the whole Montenegro.