By organizing an educational workshop, the Bureau of Metrology joined the humanitarian party for children, organized on 21 December 2019 by the association „Roditelji“ association, together with the toy libraries „Igračkoteka“ and the Development Center Podgorica.

During the two-hour workshop, the youngest visitors to TC Delta City were encouraged to learn the basic concepts of measurement through an interactive approach. The children could also use the “Little Measurers’ Book of Fun” and gain first-hand knowledge of accurate measurements by drawing, coloring and giving correct answers.

In addition to the entertainment program, a charity bazaar was also organized during the party.

Representatives of the „Parents“ association noted that all activities carried out at the Toy Libraries „Igračkoteka“ and Development Center Podgorica had been relying on donations and volunteer work, which, as they pointed out, did not give them the opportunity to renew and enrich the library of toys and equipment for work. For this reason, employees of the Bureau of Metrology have responded to the charity appeal of the association „Parents“ by raising funds for the toy libraries „Igračkoteka“ and the Development Center Podgorica.

The Bureau of Metrology, in cooperation with the NGO “Banka hrane” and the Red Cross of Montenegro, has for several years organized humanitarian actions aimed at raising funds for vulnerable families across Montenegro.