Representatives of the Bureau of Metrology – Tamara Pavićević and Anđelika Durutović attended the ImPRove business seminar „The Power of PR – New Challenges“ on 12 December 2019.

The seminar was led by a Croatian business consultant Mirela Španjol Marković, the director and owner of Ciceron Communications, specialized in providing training in the fields of rhetoric, communications, sales skills and leadership.

During the seminar, the main discussion topics were related to the recognition and management of the identity, image and reputation of a particular organization, as well as acquiring the main elements for being a good speaker, such as authenticity and credibility. The elements of persuasion that the speaker should possess, such as: energy, voice, diction, body language, and dialogue, were particularly emphasized. Credibility, as emphasized, is achieved through congruence, that is, correspondence and harmony among content, body language, voice and diction, as well as consistency, or the behavior and action in accordance with what has been said.

As a separate topic of the seminar and a practical part of the training, the so called “Generation Management” was discussed, presenting ways of dealing with business barriers in organizations that occur among different generations of employees (veterans, babyboomers, X, Y, Z and alpha generations).

ImPRove business seminars, which have been organized for the past six years, are intended for PR managers, employees working in communications departments, sales and marketing sectors, business owners and directors, entrepreneurs, students of economics, management, political science, as well as all individual wishing to advance their jobs.