Within EURAMET-WELMEC focus group, in order to facilitate the development of the national metrology infrastructure in the period from April 5 to April 13, 2014. a training was held on the theme: Measuring AC & DC resistance and current and DMM comparison. The training was organized at the National Metrological Institute of Greece (EIM). It was attended by staff from the Bureau of Metrology Milan Perović and Rabina Šabotić.

Presentations held were related to the methods of calibration of AC & DC resistance and current, and the functioning of digital multi-meters. In addition to the presentations the training included a practical part, related to the calibration of resistance standards, calibrators and digital multi-meters and measurement uncertainty budget.

By attending this training, staff at the Laboratory of electrical quantities of the Bureau of Metrology has improved its possibilities for a quality participation in the upcoming EURAMET project: Comparison on calibration of Multi-meter (Project 1341).