Representatives of the Bureau of Metrology, Alina Musić and Jovana Vukoslavović, attended a training on electrical power, measurement of the quality of the electric power and calculation of measurement uncertainty (Training Course on Electrical Power, Energy and Power Quality Measurement and Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty) held in the premises of the National Metrology Institute TUBITAK UME in Turkey from 18 to 22 March. The training was organized by the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET).

The workshop featured lectures on measurement of alternating-current power and energy in general measurement of energy meters, precise measurement of active, reactive and apparent power as well as the calculation of measurement uncertainty.

The participants of the training also visited the Laboratory for Electrical Quantities and High Voltage Laboratory.

The practical part of the training entailed laboratory work and training for measurement of power of alternating power and measurement of energy, use of the digital sampling method in the measurements of electrcal power of alternating current as well as defining, calculation and compensation of errors. Training on measurement of current and voltage harmonics (PQ analyzer and PQ source), flicker measurements, data analysis as well as measurement uncertainty.

The practical part referred to the calibration of electricity meters and standards of electrical energy, as well as the need for isolating current transformers in three-phase measurements of electricity meters.

The lecturers at the training were Huseyin Cayc, Tansu Kefeli and Ozlem Yilmaz from the National Metrology Institute of Turkey (Tubitak-UME) and Stanislav Maslan from the National Metrology Institute of the Czech Republic (CMI), whereas the participants were from Portugal, Macedonia and Montenegro.