Representative of the Bureau of Metrology Dea Radevic attended an online training named “Creating a Public Procurement Plan in ePPS (Electronic Public Procurement System)” on 14 January 2021. The training was organized by the Directorate for Public Procurement Policy of the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare, and held by Sanja Poleksic and Aleksandar Mihaljevic from the mentioned Directorate.

The aim of the training was to teach the employees in charge of public procurement procedures about the creation of public procurement plans by using the new electronic public procurement system (ePPS).

During the training, more was said about the obligation of registration of buyers and bidders in the public procurement system, considering that all notifications about public procurements, as explained, are created and published through the system.

Within the training, participants were presented with the manner of entry of the public procurement plan in the new electronic system (entry of basic information, entry of item, erasing item, editing item) and publication of documents within the plan. In addition, they were explained the manner of granting and revoking access rights, approval and publishing of the plan. It was separately explained how to make changes to a published plan, manner of plan search and review, and copying of the plan.

Except the theoretical part of the training, moderators demonstrated the manner of use of the test system, which can be accessed through a link, with the recommendation that the system can be used for practice, before the employees start using the ePPS.

The Electronic Public Procurement System started operating on 1 January 2021. The former Public Procurement Portal, as pointed out, will remain functional only for already initiated public procurement procedures which were published on the portal.