Representatives of the Bureau of Metrology Naina Cuturic Knezevic, Tamara Pavicevic, and Mirjana Radevic attended an online conference CAF2020 – Towards Public Administration Reform and European Integration on 17 February 2021. The conference was organized by the Austria’s KDZ Centre for Public Administration Research.

We would like to remind that the Bureau of Metrology was the first public administration institution in Montenegro to implement the CAF system (Common Assessment Framework), and also adopted the CAF Action Plan for the period 2020-2022.

The aim of the online conference is to analyze perspectives how to further develop the CAF approach, as well as exchange of experience in implementation of CAF methodology. Also, an improved CAF2020 system was presented, as well as the new CAF book “Transforming Public Administration with CAF”.

CAF2020 is designed as the European guideline for good governance and excellence in public sector organizations. The digital conference was designed as an open event, which was attended by the representatives on institutions which implement CAF system, as well as other interested individuals.

The CAF2020 Conference was supported by Austrian Development Cooperation, CAF centre of KDZ Centre for Public Administration Research and BACID.