The second workshop on the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) was held in the Bureau of Metrology on 6 and 7 March 2019.

CAF system implies establishment of a “self-assessment team” within the Bureau of Metrology which will, by April 2019, conduct a self-assessment of all business operations of the Bureau through interactive workshops and training. The team is composed of the representatives of all categories of employees including the senior management staff.

The Bureau of Metrology is the first government institution in Montenegro to implement the CAF system, an instigator for the process of improvement within an institution’s organizational system and represents a tool used for total quality management.

The aims of the implementation of the CAF system in institutions are: to establish professionalism in public administration, to apply the principle of total quality management (TQM) in public administration, to be progressively aiming towards a complete „plan-do-check-act“ cycle, to facilitate self-assessment in public institutions in order to identify the improvement activities and facilitate learning based on comparison with reference values (“benchlearning”) among public sector institutions.

The training for the Bureau’s employees on the CAF system is organized in cooperation with the Regional School of Public Administration (RESPA) and the Centre for Public Administration Research (KDZ) from Austria. The trainers at the workshop were: Philip Parzer from the Centre for Public Administration Research (KDZ), Goran Paštrović and Slaven Bukarica from the Regional School of Public Administration (RESPA).

The first CAF workshop was held on 20 December 2018, whereas the next one is scheduled for 8 April 2019.